Centre of Tallahassee

EcoSmart City of Tallahassee Videos

Join EcoSmart host Misi Tuttle on a guided tour of the renovations to the Tallahassee Mall as it becomes the Centre of Tallahassee.   Centre of Tallahassee - EcoSmart City of Tallahassee Video - PART 1   Centre of Tallahas...

Tallahassee Mall: Future of a shopping experience

Centre of Tallahassee Democrat News Article

Tallahassee Mall: Future of a shopping experience THIS IS THE THIRD OF THREE INSTALLMENTS ABOUT THE TALLAHASSEE MALL SPANNING THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. TaMaryn Waters, Tallahassee Democrat   A camouflage painted ATV motors ov...

Concept Elevation Renderings

Just released! Exciting renovation concept drawings of the new Centre of Tallahassee signage.  These amazing additions are already under way. Stay tuned for our latest updates.For more information or leasing questions feel fr...

About the Centre of Tallahassee

We're so excited to announce phase one of the redevelopment of the former Tallahassee Mall into the Centre of Tallahassee! The property will be transformed into a mixed use development that will make it the center of retail, culture, art...

New Property Signage

Restoration of Centre of Tallahassee will include spectacular new outdoor innovative signage, which will greatly enhance the beauty of the mall. The advanced signage will list current tenants, and display events and promotions.

New Name and Logo

The outstanding improvement plans for Centre of Tallahassee will include a stunning new name and logo which are currently being developed. This appealing marketing approach will greatly further growth and sales of the shopping marketplace...

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